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Get acquainted with NETWORKS. An innovative network of mobility, businesses, people, facilities and buildings, where everything is connected. A hub of young and experienced talent. An inspiring environment with an optimum balance between working and living.

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Thanks to the NETWORKS concept, your business also contributes to solving mobility issues. With every project, we guarantee excellent accessibility by car, public transport and bike.

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Working in a blossoming community of fellow entrepreneurs and potential clients with one and the same goal: to realise sustainable growth and, at the same time, create a productive and pleasant environment for their staff.

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A well-connected site offers a range of advantages. And additional facilitating services almost always arise. NETWORKS is the ideal place to relax, to hold different types of meetings, etc. You discover a new way of working.


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Where possible, buildings can be connected to each other. For example, restaurants, post offices or conference rooms shared by various businesses. The concept of connectivity extends across the entire site.

Flexible on all fronts

Just like your business, the office space you require is often subject to change. With modular offices of 400 m2 and larger, NETWORKS makes it possible for your office space to grow or shrink with your business. Rooms, such as meeting rooms, open workspaces or conference rooms can be shared with other tenants.


Escape the traffic jams

Always built at a smart location. With every NETWORKS project we strive for an ideal balance between optimum connectivity with public transport and easy accessibility by car.

Attract new talent

Excellent accessibility increases the value of your business on the employment market – an important weapon in the 'war on talent'.

Increased productivity

A NETWORKS project is a pleasant workplace in all its aspects. It leads to happy staff, lower employee turnover and higher productivity.

Financial peace of mind

You can get additional office space with a sudden growth and restructure smartly in less favourable times. This makes you more financially flexible.

Competitive advantage

Thanks to our flexible property formula, your business has an instant head start on your competitors who are not able to shift gears as readily.

Flexible surface areas

Thanks to the network of buildings you can easily scale up and down. The flexible surface areas continually evolve with your company. Ask about the terms and conditions.


Smart Hub

Your flexible coworking office in Brussels

Smart Hub guarantees optimal comfort with maximal flexibility because the new work environment is a free work environment. And freedom is your choice. 

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Connected working in Ghent

NETWORKS Gent: Discover a network of mobility, businesses, people, facilities and buildings in which everything is connected. Innovative office spaces to let in The Loop.

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NETWORKS is a collection of unique corporate buildings, each of which is tailored to the specific needs of the contemporary corporate user. Every single NETWORKS development is the result of an extensive collaboration between experts in real estate, architecture and larger societal trends, and always takes the specific opportunities and needs of its location as its starting point.

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Experience the best of city living

The latest NETWORKS project, “NØR” offers state-of-the-art offices in a strategic location. Boulevard Roi Albert II connects the multimodal Brussels-North Railway Station and the surrounding business district with the lively heart of Brussels and its unique pedestrian zone. The NØR project is part of an urban regeneration logic, as it involves a complete renovation of the former Nor Plaza.

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